The most effective
way to teach coding

Our platform was designed with education professionals to teach coding through a standards-forward approach

Teachers don't need prior experience

Designed to accelerate learning momentum 

Fosters standards-aligned thinking practices


Student Friendly

We've designed an intuitive and effective teaching platform with built-in learning tools that take the frustration out of learning text-based computer programming.  

With friendly, informative error messages, pop out menus for more in-depth explanation, learning incentives, and a "Show Me" tool to keep learners from getting stuck, Blackbird's approach maintains learning momentum and makes learning to code fun.

Student 4_edited.jpg

Growth & Flexibility

Students can learn at their own pace, collaborate on projects, and eventually use our platform to write, test, and share their own code creations in our limitless sandbox environment.


Blackbird can be used as a stand alone tool or implemented as part of a complete computer science pathway in your school or district.


Teacher Friendly

Our platform not only allows teachers without computer science experience to teach coding, but they can learn alongside their students as well.

With a robust Learning Management System, instructors can manage classes, track student progress, comment on projects and communicate with students. 

Blackbird is browser-based, so it's hybrid and distance learning ready.

Photo of a student using the Blackbird platform


Our curricula are developed as a unique collaboration between educators and computer programming experts.

Every lesson is created to foster and reinforce CS, ELA, Math, Science, and Engineering practices recognized in CCSS, NGSS, and CSTA standards.

Externally validated

Our platform & curriculum have been certified by the Education Alliance Finland.

Education Alliance Finland Certificate

What our students are making

Screenshot of a student program

By Dillon T.

"My program sorts lines in order from least to greatest using the bubble sort technique."

Art with Cool Stuff

By Ray B.

"This program will paint the canvas with red and blue until they collide and make a purple and pink-ish color."


Josiah H.

"My program draws out a space scene. Then it uses a bunch of if statements to make you move around and shoot stuff."

Start with a demo

The best way to explore Blackbird is to get a personalized demo with one of our experts. You can also sign up for free and try it yourself.