Text-based coding for equity

In order to give all students the opportunities they deserve in our world we must treat coding literacy equal in importance to core subjects like reading, writing, and math.

We created Blackbird Code to be a turnkey solution designed to be used by any teacher, not only Computer Science teachers and to be used by all students, not only students who are drawn to tech subjects. 


Blackbird Code uses tried and true teaching methodology and an innovative code learning software that is specifically engineered for learning how to write code. 

We are based in Portland, Oregon. 




Director of Operations & Outreach

Why I'm here
Blackbird Code is the product of our shared belief in the urgent need for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive tech industry. We built Blackbird Code because we know learning text-based coding early in the educational journey, on a friendly, supportive platform is crucial to changing the demographics of who the creators of technology are. We are here to see it happen. 

My training is in teaching writing and non-profit management. But, for the past 16 years, my work has been in software. Being a non-technical person in a technical field, I struggled and watched others struggle against the barriers the tech industry presents.  I want all students to have the coding literacy they need to advance their skills and participate in building the tech of the future.


Director of Education

Why I'm here
All learners deserve the opportunity to develop relevant and meaningful skills. Blackbird Code is the type of learning platform that makes it possible for people from all backgrounds to learn to program.

I was a high school classroom teacher for 8 years before joining Blackbird Code. My academic background is in the sciences, and as a teacher, I focused intently on equitable teaching practices for students in the public-school setting.

As a new programmer, I enjoy the challenge of translating new skills into meaningful learning experiences for others.



Why I'm here
At Blackbird Code, we believe that every single child deserves equal opportunity in the classroom.  An education that includes technology learning will help guide the youth of today toward a thriving future and ignite important problem solving skills that will benefit humankind.

I have spent the last 20 years in the arts; performing on stages up and down the Pacific west coast, co-founding an arthouse in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, and offering behind-the-scenes software support to organizations across North America at Arts People. During my time as both a performer and a facilitator of the arts, I've witnessed how technology can amplify voices and be a conduit for change.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Blackbird Code team and excited to help spread coding education far and wide!



Why I'm here
Sharing a new innovation in computer education is one of the foremost challenges a sales person could ever have!  I want to be part of the solution:  Challenging current equity issues with positive tools to create more career opportunities for young, inquisitive minds.

After nearly a lifetime of selling and managing travel related products, I met the Blackbirds and worked with them selling a new software tool that revolutionized ticket sales for arts organizations.  I still have a thirst for travel:  Actively planning a caravan along the ancient Silk Route.  Join me!


Director of Technology

Why I'm here
I believe in the power of educational technology and I want to be part of the revolution!

I'm motivated by making education more accessible and breaking down barriers that have discouraged learners in the past, whether technological or cultural.

I graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2015 with a degree in economics. After dabbling in falconry and audio production, I took an interest in coding. Since becoming part of Blackbird Code, I've been figuring out how to teach coding to others.


Ideas & Technology

Why I'm here

When I started to teach my kids to program I could only find online tools that taught "algorithmic thinking" but not actual programming, or which taught programming in a very non-intuitive way. When the kids were done with the Hour of Code, I couldn't find anything that could really help me teach them; so in 2015, I decided to build my own.

I want to make programming accessible to everyone by making it easier to learn. For me, a good tool for teaching programming needs a friendly debugger, helpful error messages, and an easy-to-use, properly structured curriculum that emphasizes practice, preferably by writing games.


After some misadventures in the corporate world, where I don’t belong, I started a software business; this eventually led to the launch, in 2006, of a software platform that supports nonprofit performing arts groups selling tickets and managing data.






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