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Pete Madden testimonial photo

Pete Madden

Portland Public Schools
Portland, OR

...In a word: students like the Blackbird platform. I've taught coding with other popular resources, but Blackbird is more pedagogically effective...

Ben Selfie.jpg

Ben Durham

Portland Public Schools
Portland, OR

Blackbird has been the best thing for my students...The lessons make sense and the ability to allow students to work at their own pace allows the teacher to support students according to their unique needs...

...Blackbird is also a ton of fun. It puts the elements of learning to program in a factor that is easy, fun and engaging for students to grasp... Blackbird is awesome.

As the owner of a children's coding center, I've tested and used many coding tools and Blackbird is truly one of a kind. The curriculum is wonderful and the usability is simply above and beyond what I've seen on any other platform. Code literacy is easy to teach with Blackbird. Our staff loves it and our students do too. - Jessica L, owner of a children's coding center

- Jessica, Code Ninjas franchise owner (Burke, VA)

My coding elective class is really loving blackbird and the introduction to coding! Thank you for creating such an impactful program for my students who learn differently.

- Teacher, Currey Ingram Academy (Brentwood, TN)

Huge thank you to everyone on your team! I wish you could see today. I gave them free time and 90% of them kept coding in Blackbird.


- Teacher, Franklin High School (Portland, OR)

I really liked the Step and Show Me functions, they made things very easy to understand if I made mistakes.


- Student, Jefferson High School (Portland, OR)

The scaffolded instruction with lots of opportunities for repetition is very helpful for students. The constant feedback that is embedded in the program is imperative for learners.

- Teacher, Jefferson High School (Portland, OR)

He loves it! It’s one thing I can get him to do without any coaxing. My husband and I are software engineers and were looking for something like this. I’ve integrated it into his daily routine.

- Parent (Portland, OR)

My child continues to love Blackbird so much and it truly is a huge piece of what is helping him get through quarantine.  Thank you so much for all you do!

- Parent (Portland, OR)

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