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Blackbird Announces First-ever Purpose-built Middle School Coding Education Platform

Blackbird, creators of the world's first educational version of JavaScript, today announced the official launch of the Blackbird education platform. Successfully trialed in middle schools and coding academies throughout the country, Blackbird's offering was built from the ground up to address the middle school gap in coding education – in a platform that can be administered by non-technical and technically minded teachers, instructors and parents. Based around Blackbird's proprietary educational version of JavaScript, Blackbird provides students, even those who have not been drawn to STEM or coding, with an understanding and aptitude in one of the most commonly used programming languages on earth.

"Before Blackbird there were no tools available to bridge the expanse between elementary school block-based introductions to coding, and high school's more advanced text-based coding, leading to frustration and a well-documented drop-off in computer science when students enter high school," said Ness Blackbird, cofounder of Blackbird. "Based around our unique educational version of JavaScript, Blackbird enables middle school students to learn real-world, applicable coding skills in a platform that can be administered and led by even non-technical teachers and educators."

Blackbird's curriculum guides students through coding lessons aligned with standards identified in the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Math and English – as well as the Computer Science Teachers Association Computer Science standards. Blackbird's integrated LMS enables instructors to easily track student progress, review errors and make direct comments.

"Blackbird has been the best thing for my students. Not just because of distance learning but because of the logical step to advance skills from block coding to programming," said Ben Durham, technology teacher for Portland Public Schools. "The lessons make sense and the ability to allow students to work at their own pace allows the teacher to support students according to their unique needs."

"At The Girls' Place Chicago, our mission is to help girls ages 7 to 14 build their confidence and self-esteem, as we also strive to spark and nurture their curiosity in STEAM industries. The Blackbird system and curriculum was a perfect fit to our mission," said Endla Thornton, founder and executive director, The Girls' Place Chicago. "As our young participants were introduced to JavaScript coding, during our March 2021 partnership with Blackbird, I witnessed the students confidently ask and answer questions and comfortably navigate the lessons during their weekly instructor lead, distant learning group classes. Blackbird is a user-friendly system that enhances the autonomous learning experience – as well as group lessons."

Blackbird Education Platform:

  • Addresses the "Middle School Gap" in Computer Science education

  • Aligned to Common Core, Next Generation Science and CSTA Learning Standards

  • Teaches JavaScript through game and animation creation

  • Can be administered by all instructors and parents – regardless of technical expertise

  • Integrated Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Certified Pedagogical Quality

  • Simple, affordable pricing structure, includes full, expert support

Pricing and Availability:

The Blackbird education platform is now open for students, parents and instructors. Blackbird begins with a free, foundational section with additional advanced lessons available through a simple and affordable pricing structure that includes full support and professional development. For more information, visit Blackbird on the web at

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