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Development Update

We'll be releasing updates on 9/19/2021 from 9PM to 11PM PST.

1. Code review update

Code review is now faster, easier, and prettier.

  • Raised hands from your students are marked with large green indicators, making it easier to find and help students in need.

  • Dark mode matches the style of the Workshop and reduces eye strain.

  • Performance improvements make it faster to navigate your sections, students, and warmups.

Code review's new look

We added raised hand counts to the teacher dashboard, making it easier to see which classes need your attention. Your list of classes is wider, focusing on the important stuff: your students!

See raised hands right from your teacher dashboard

2. Coding as a conduit

We're working on special curriculum that teaches physics by way of coding! It's not ready just yet, but we'd love to hear early feedback. Contact Mike to opt in.

3. Many other fixes and improvements

We continue to fix bugs and make other subtle improvements to the app.


Thank you, teachers! Keep up the good work.

Problems or suggestions? Please let us know at


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