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Blackbird Announces “Coding as a Conduit” Integrating Code Education In Middle School Math & Science

Blackbird’s Coding as a Conduit Enables School Districts to Meet Education Guidelines, While Invigorating Existing Subjects by Integrating Code Education

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 12, 2021Blackbird, bridging the gap in Computer Science curriculum, today announced “Coding as a Conduit,” a new offering developed to integrate with and invigorate math and science courses with real-world code education. Designed to be administered by math or science teachers without prior training, Blackbird’s Coding as a Conduit enables students to graduate with a strong foundation in programming skills – without the need to sign up for optional elective courses.

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“States and school districts have been searching for a way to teach coding to all students to meet new education requirements, as well as growing requests by parents and students,” said Sarah Farrell, CEO, Blackbird. “Coding as a Conduit instills real-world coding skills with a turnkey solution that can be taught by any math or science teacher – in a supportive educational environment that includes Blackbird’s unlimited teacher-expert support.”

“This new curriculum allows math students to learn about prime numbers by writing a program that determines if a number is prime, or science students to understand gravity by coding a gravity simulation program,” said Mike Lynch, director of education, Blackbird. “This not only teaches the now essential skill of coding with real-world use cases and applications, it invigorates science and math instruction, creating an engaged and vibrant classroom setting.”

Used by schools and coding academies throughout the United States, Blackbird was built to address the coding education gap in a fun and engaging way. It can be administered by either non-technical or technically-trained instructors or parents. Blackbird’s curriculum guides students through coding lessons aligned with standards identified in the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Math and English, as well as the Computer Science Teachers Association's Computer Science standards. Blackbird’s integrated Learning Management System enables instructors to easily track progress, review code, award motivational tokens, and exchange messages.

About Blackbird:

With district-wide scalability, superintendent consultation and ongoing expert support, Blackbird is designed to enable school districts to efficiently implement coding education. For more information, visit Blackbird on the web at

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