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Coding as a Conduit

Cross-curricular coding units for core K-12 classes

Online platform for grades 6-12 makes it possible to:

Teach coding to every student without electives

Train any teacher with a 1-day PD workshop

Get friendly, same-day 1 on 1 support

Hit key CCSS, NGSS, and CSTA standards


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Recognized by leaders in education & technology


Richard Byrne

"Blackbird can be used by teachers who don't have any prior coding experience."


Rachelle Dené Poth

"What makes Blackbird stand out is that all teachers can use the platform without any prerequisites when it comes to coding."


Patrick Cauley

"Blackbird does a nice job of introducing students to real programming while at the same time challenging and building their skills."


EAF Certified

"Communication and collaboration options are excellent, and there are many tools for teachers to monitor and control tasks."

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Students use coding to model magnetism. Include this 3-week unit in existing physics classes.

Standards aligned with CSTA & NGSS.

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Students use coding to explore expressions and equations. Include this 1-week unit in existing math classes.

Standards aligned with CSTA & CCSS.

Add or augment elective classes with our comprehensive 16-week coding unit. Students in grades 6+ learn skills to build fun animations & games using JavaScript.

Standards aligned with CSTA, CCSS, & NGSS.


Choose from two fun, hour-long coding activities designed for beginners in grades 6-8. Anyone can participate for free!

Our people are here to support you – we care about your success

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Our technology makes it possible to teach coding to every student

Our curricula are a collaboration between educators & coders

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Ready to add cross-curricular coding units to your school or district?

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