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Students model magnetism and engage with physics through coding in this three week unit that fits into your existing physics classes.

Teachers don't need prior experience

Aligns to NGSS and CSTA standards

Students apply physics material through

the modeling and problem solving

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Photo of a student using the Blackbird platform


Students in grades 7-9 will build a magnet rocket simulation using JavaScript. Developed as a unique collaboration between education and computer programming experts.


Magnet Rocket address standards and practices identified in the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), Computer Science standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Photo of a student using the Blackbird platform
Photo of a student using the Blackbird platform

Room to grow

It doesn't stop with Physics. We're developing new coding units for math and science, plus Blackbird's learning platform includes a full- feature integrated development environment, the same kind professional coders use.


Blackbird's Games & Animations curriculum is also ready to be implemented as part of a complete computer science pathway in your school or district.

Externally validated

Our platform & curriculum have been certified by the Education Alliance Finland.

Education Alliance Finland Certificate

Start with a demo

The best way to explore Blackbird is to get a personalized demo with one of our experts.

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