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Blackbird Releases K-12 Computer Science Pathway

Freely Downloadable CS Pathway Prepares Students for College or Careers in Computer Science

PORTLAND, July 13, 2021Blackbird, bridging the gap in Computer Science curriculum, today announced the availability of their K-12 Computer Science Pathway, designed to help school districts prepare students with the computer programming skills necessary to enter the workforce – or continue their education at the university level. Designed specifically for districts who have not yet implemented a comprehensive computer science course pathway, Blackbird’s pathway highlights tools and lessons from, Blackbird’s own intermediate code education platform, and the College Board. This pathway outlines CS opportunities at every grade level while providing students with the skills, facilities and options they need to become professional developers.

To download Blackbird’s K-12 Computer Science Pathway, please visit:

“This pathway was designed to enable students to graduate High School with the computer programming skills necessary to enter the workforce, or continue their education at the university level,” said Mike Lynch, Director of Education, Blackbird. “The pathway starts students early in elementary school with basic concepts and games, then to text-based programming using Blackbird in middle school, and ends with two years of advanced programming utilizing a hybrid of Blackbird and other platforms in high school.”

“I highly recommend Blackbird CS Pathways to rural and urban districts to provide a well-rounded STEM/CTE program for all students – and Blackbird’s platform is accessible to both students and staff,” said Dr. Koreen Barreras-Brown, Chief Academic Officer, Reynolds School District. “Blackbird has been instrumental in developing computer science pathways in Colton, Oregon. Blackbird’s team is easily accessible and walks beside educators to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone. Additionally, with Blackbird, we’ve seen students with Autism experiencing success in school through a love of coding courses. We are excited to continue the work in the 2021-22 school year!”

Used by schools and coding academies throughout the United States, Blackbird was built to address the coding education gap – in a fun and engaging platform that can be administered by non-technical and technically trained teachers, instructors, and parents. Blackbird’s curriculum guides students through coding lessons aligned with standards identified in the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Math and English – as well as the Computer Science Teachers Association Computer Science standards. Blackbird’s integrated LMS enables instructors to easily track student progress, review code and make direct comments.

Blackbird Code Education Platform:

  • Utilizes the first educational version of Javascript

  • Addresses the “Curriculum Gap” in Computer Science education

  • Students use skills to build games, animations and more

  • Aligned to Common Core, Next Generation Science and CSTA Learning Standards

  • Teaches JavaScript through game and animation creation

  • Can be administered by all instructors and parents – regardless of technical expertise

  • Integrated Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Certified Pedagogical Quality

  • Simple, affordable pricing structure, includes full, expert support

Pricing and Availability:

The Blackbird education platform is now open for students, parents and instructors. Blackbird begins with a free, foundational section with additional advanced lessons available through a simple and affordable pricing structure that includes full support and professional development. For more information, visit Blackbird on the web at


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