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Development Update

We'll be releasing updates on 4/2/2021 from 9PM to 11PM PST.

1. New grading report

In response to teacher requests, we've added a new report type: Grading report. This is a first draft of a report designed to streamline how you grade with Blackbird.

You can find this report type on the Reports page. You can narrow your report by section and date range (see screenshot below).

Screenshot of Blackbird app
A first draft of a grading report - we welcome your feedback!

This report should give a complete picture of progress made by your students for any given time period. The data it includes:

  • Total time spent

  • Total time spent on lessons only

  • Feathers earned

  • Each lesson completed with stars earned

  • Total stars earned for the time period

Please let us know how we can make this report work better for you!

2. Google Classroom integration

Google has verified us! You can now use this feature without any warnings from Google.

Please let us know how it works for you if you try it.

3. UI improvements

We continue to make subtle improvements to the user interface.


Thank you to our teachers -- you make the magic happen!

Problems or suggestions? Please let us know at


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