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Development Update

We'll be releasing updates on 5/15/2021 from 9PM to 11PM PST.

1. Faster way to see student progress

In response to feedback, we've added previous/next control arrows to the student progress popup. This allows teachers to go through a list of students quickly and with fewer clicks.

Screenshot of Blackbird app
Speed up your grading with new previous/next controls

Please let us know if this feature makes your grading experience easier!

2. Changes to flow for new signups

We continue to improve the experience for new students, teachers, and parents trying Blackbird for the first time.

If you know of someone who might benefit from using Blackbird, please share it with them. Your referrals are the strongest way to grow Blackbird and get more students learning to code. Thank you!

3. Requesting quotes in-app

We've made improvements to the way you request quotes from inside the app. You'll be able provide all the information our outreach team needs to provide you with a quote for your school or organization without leaving the app or getting follow-up communications.

4. Other fixes and improvements

We continue to fix small bugs and make subtle improvements across the app.


Thank you to our teachers -- you make the magic happen!

Problems or suggestions? Please let us know at


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