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Development Update

We'll be releasing updates on 4/25/2021 from 9PM to 11PM PST.

1. New lesson type: Puzzle

In addition to creating their own programs, students should be introduced to consuming and modifying code written by others. We have introduced a new type of lesson designed to hone these skills: the puzzle lesson!

  • Puzzle lessons give students a pre-written program, then ask them to fix or modify it

  • Only one star can be earned

  • A puzzle lesson has been added to each stage in unit 1

Screenshot of Blackbird app
A new puzzle lesson spotted in the wild.

Please let us know if this new lesson type is helpful to you & your students!

2. We've changed "step mode" to "debug mode"

We coined "step mode" as a beginner-friendly label for the debugger, but we've come to realize it's important for students and teachers to use standard coding language. While we consider "debugger" to be jargon that can be off-putting to new coders, it's an important term to understand.

As of this release, we've updated mentions of "step mode" to "debug mode" and "debugger". The documentation has been updated accordingly.

A screenshot of the renamed "Debug" button
A screenshot of the renamed "Debug" button and its new icon.

3. Requesting quotes in-app

Teachers using our free version now see a streamlined interface for getting school/district quotes in the Account page or when they click the Upgrade button in the app.

4. Fixed: image drawing bug

Drawing an image multiple times outside of the animate function would not work in some cases when using the new Image object. This is now fixed, and our system for loading images in user programs is now more robust and efficient.

5. Other fixes and improvements

We continue to fix small bugs and make subtle improvements across the app.


Thank you to our teachers -- you make the magic happen!

Problems or suggestions? Please let us know at


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